Electric Heaters for Commercial and Industrial use are usually radiant heating that are silent in operation and do not omit any air pollution.
This Form of heating is ideal for buildings that are used intermittently, or where the building is large but the occupancy is low or occasional.

Electric heating can be beneficial if a small area needs heating in a large building and the occupants are affected by doors being opened.

Applications where this type of heating would be used is

Electric Heater


  • Churches
  • Village Halls
  • Squash Courts
  • Schools
  • Workshops
  • Garages

Ceramic Plaque Heaters
Electric heating comes as either Ceramic Plaque heaters or Quartz Plaque heaters.
Ceramic Plaque Heaters
This form of heating use infra red energy and have no visible light when in use, they do not deplete oxygen levels and therefore prevent feelings of drowsiness. Larger areas can be heated by stacking the heaters or installing them in a linear format.

Quartz Plaque Heaters

Quartz Plaque Heaters
The Quartz plaque heaters used highly polished reflectors to reflect the heat from the Tungsten Halogen Bulbs to where it is needed and can be directed a specific area like spotlights. The bulbs also create a feeling of warmth by their glow.

Features & Benefits of Electric Heating

  • Instant & Directional Heat
  • Silent Operation
  • Ease of Operation
  • Controllable
  • Low Maintenance