If you’re looking to heat a factory or industrial workspace our heating systems can provide you with major benefits. We focus on providing highly energy efficient heating that keeps your fuel costs as low as possible.

It’s not as tough as it might seem. Our engineers design and plan out heating specifically for your factory. That means we take into account factors like the layout and what type of manufacturing takes place inside. Then we can advise you on what will work best, prevent heat loss, and be the most fuel-efficient heating method.

If you’re just relying on the heating that was already installed when you took over the premises it’s more than likely that it’s poorly suited to your requirements. And that will be hitting you in the pocket in heating bills. Give us a call and we’ll sort out a free initial survey and assessment of your factory site.

For working factory shop floors radiant tube heating often works extremely well. It allows you to target heat onto work stations and the specific spots where your employees perform their roles. The tube heating doesn’t heat the air but the object or person it’s focused on. The beauty is that you’re not paying to heat the whole factory – just the parts where your staff will feel the benefit of extra warmth.

Warm air space heating systems can be useful for heating shop floors too. They can be suspended above the floor if need be and pointed towards particular spots. That way they don’t get in the way of passing fork lift vehicles or your staff as they move about.

The warm air systems can heat larger areas than radiant tube. So if you have workers on a night shift, say, when the temperature of the building tends to drop significantly, the system can be programmed to kick in to maintain a comfortable level of warmth within the factory.

We know factories tend to fill with impurities in the air, too. Fork lifts rushing through to pick up pallets give off fumes, and manufacturing equipment emit pollutants. Altogether you can end up with poor air quality that can hamper concentration amongst your employees. This can be a major problem, especially when there are safety hazards within the work environment.

We use ventilation along with heaters so you can control the conditions within the factory. The ventilation means you can get rid of dust particles and the air pollution that builds up during the working day.