Warm air space heating systems are a great solution for large areas requiring warmth throughout the building…

Warm Air Space heating Systems are an ideal form of heating for areas where constant temperature is required, some examples of these areas would be
Warm air space heater

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Indoor Play Areas
  • Packing Areas
  • Retail Units
  • Showrooms & Display Areas

Radiant heaters
Warm Air Space Heating can be in the form of Suspended Heater units or Floor Standing Cabinet Heater Units dependent on the building size and the use of floor space.

Floor Standing Cabinet Heaters can also be fitted with Nozzles to direct warm air,
Or they can be connected via a ductwork system to take the warm air to
Where it’s required.

Air Destratification fans can be included in the heating system to move warm air
From high level to low level resulting in energy cost savings of
Approximately 15% – 25%.

Features & Benefits of Warm Air Space Heating

  • Energy efficient with low running costs
  • Comfortable even heat distribution
  • Year Round Usage for Air Movement & Cooling
  • Suspended Units create Floor Space
  • Programmable
  • Multi area heating via Ductwork

Warm Air Space heating systems can be used during summer months to distribute air, making a pleasant working temperature

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