5 signs that you need to update your factory heating system

Updating or replacing your factory heating system can be a daunting thought due to the expense. However, when your heating system is on its last legs, it is actually more cost effective to upgrade your heating system rather than continue to pay for repairs. As time goes on there will be some obvious tell tale signs that your factory heating system is in need of an upgrade. If your heating system is suffering from any of the symptoms below then it is time to consider upgrading that heating system for something more modern and efficient.

Cold Spots

Are you finding that despite having your heating system on, you are still finding cold spots within your factory? Are your staff complaining that despite having the heating system on they’re still cold? If this is the case then it could be time to update your heating system. The type of heating system you have may not be the most ideal for keeping your employees warm during those cold months. After time, older heating systems will start to fail and individual areas of your factory may suffer.

Energy Efficiency

With more and more of us becoming more concerned with our carbon footprint, energy efficiency is now more important than ever. Many older heating systems are far from energy efficient and as time goes on you could find yourself having to pay astronomically high energy bills. If you have an old heating system that is not only costing you more to use but is inefficient then an upgraded heating system could save you money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.


With older heating technology, heating your factory may prove difficult due to a lack of control over timings and temperatures. You may only have staff operating in one part of your factory but can only heat all areas or none at all. With an upgraded heating system you can control what areas you want heated, when and how long they should be heated for and also what temperature they are heated to. If your current factory heating system does not allow you to do this then it is time to upgrade.


If your factory heating system is costing you a small fortune in repairs then it is time to upgrade the system for something more reliable. A heating system that is continuously in need of repair is a clear sign that the system needs to be replaced. You could save yourself a considerable amount of money by upgrading your system and gaining a new warranty period which will cut any repair costs out for a few years.


It is advisable to upgrade or replace your heating system if your boiler or heating system is more than 15 years old. Replacing your system every 15 years should help you to avoid those repair costs, soaring energy bills and ineffective heating before they even begin.