Benefits of Air Conditioning in the Workplace

Air conditioning can make employees comfortable while they are at work, but having them feel comfortable is more than a nice gesture on the employer’s part. An employee who’s hot and miserable tends to be less productive than those who enjoy even temperatures. Of course in addition to comfortable employees, customers also will appreciate the air conditioning as they shop or do business in your space and it is possible that they may be more amenable to buying if they feel comfortable while they do so.

Besides the comfort and productivity of the employees, are there more benefits of air conditioning in the workplace? The answer is yes. There are other benefits. One is that there may be fewer days off by employees who are sick. Air conditioning may help keep employees from getting sick or suffering with allergies because there are filters within most systems that can cut down on allergens in the air and can eliminate other environmental irritants from the air. Keeping those at bay may mean some healthier employees. While the physical health is possibly improved by air conditioning, there also can be a positive effect on the moods of the employees because tempers may flare in the high heat and humidity causing rifts between employees and potential client confrontation. That can be avoided to some extent if the heat stress is removed from the equation.

What about any risks to security? If there is no air conditioning there might be a need to open windows and depending on the nature of the goods or service that is delivered this could be a problem with easy access into the building.

Technology is important to most businesses and so air conditioning can play a part in the health of the computers and servers that are on site. Computers can overheat in very hot conditions and so the addition of air conditioning can mean that the computers can work as they are designed. This can keep the office up and running so that business can continue as usual.

Air conditioning units have become very efficient and so it could be a cost savings by installing a unit at this point. Some also can be combined with heating units, so the efficiency of the air conditioning is actually just total climate control.

While air conditioning doesn’t seem like something that can impact a business, it can do just that.