How the right heating system can help to focus your workers

Whether you are heating an office space or a warehouse, heating can have a profound effect on your employees and how they work. It is beneficial for you as an employer to ensure that you provide a comfortable working environment in terms of temperature for your staff to get the best out of them during working hours. Staff are not the best at working efficiently if the environment they are in is too hot or even too cold. There is no legal maximum or minimum but HSE recommends that when working inside, for example in an office space, the ideal temperature should be no lower than 16 degrees celsius.

In working conditions where the working environment is too cold, your staff will begin to struggle to concentrate and as a result will not be working or focusing on the job at hand. Being overly cold can make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and makes it very difficult for you to focus on working efficiently. Equally if your working environment is too hot then you will also not be able to work efficiently as heat can cause fatigue and exhaustion. As an employer, an ideal heating system is clearly a must have to get the best out of your employees.

At TPS we sell a variety of heating systems that will regulate the temperature of your working environment. Our heating systems such as our radiant tube heating, electrical heating and warm air space heating can make your working environment far more comfortable whether you work in an office or in a warehouse space. Our team are available and on hand for you to talk to about your heating requirements and they can advise you on what heating system is going to give your employees the best working environment.

Often employers don’t consider heating systems and often try to save money by not heating environments leaving their staff cold, uncomfortable and irritable but most of all unfocused. A well heated office will save you money in the long run as your staff will be far more productive. You will find that your warehouse staff are working harder, packing more parcels or your office staff are hitting targets and exceeding them. Don’t underestimate the impact an environment has on people’s motivation and focus.

If you want to get more out of your staff and have them focus more then contact us at TPS today to discuss your heating needs.