A.N Wallis, Nottingham

Reason for Installation: Heating needed for Foundry.

Solution: Supplied & Installed Ambi rad UDSA85 Warm Air Heater and flue. The Existing Gas Pipework was altered to fit the new Heater. Installed control wiring to the Smartcom control unit.

Foundry, Nottingham

Reason for installation: Client wanted to generate air movement, reduce background fume levels and reduce summer temperatures to improve working conditions.

Solution: Supplied & fitted and Encon Upward discharge fan powered extraction ventilators.

Derngate Theatre, Northampton

Reason for Installation: Removal of Old ventilation as New Smoke ventilation needed

Solution: Disconnected and removed existing Ventilation units. Craned the new Colt Seefire Smoke ventiulation units onto roof , fixed and reconnected the electric supply for automatic opening.

Helping Hands, Hereford

Reason for Installation: Heat loss from Roller shutter door and ingress of Cold air

Solution: Customer visited a previous job we had done to understand the benefits and opted for a Vertical AB400 Air block door curtain to blow accross the door space operated by a micro switch.