Retail Warehouse – Redditch

We installed a heater unit for our Client a couple of years ago at his retail outlet. The client decided to move premises and not wanting to leave his heater he gave us a call. We removed the Warm air Heater and disconnected all the services to the heater. The heater was transported to the new Retail Warehouse. Tupello Property services attended the new site and suspended the heater, reconnected the power and gas supply and ensured that the new warehouse unit was warm ready for the grand opening.

Parker Hannifin – Halesowen

Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

Tupello Property Services carried out a range of tasks at the Halesowen unit for Parker Hannifin. These included;

  • The installation of overhead radiant heaters to heat personnel work areas
  • The installation of energy efficient lighting
  • Installing a modular framework
  • Complete electrical system install, meeting work safety requirements.
  • Installation of a compressed air system (needed for a lot of the air tools used)

Swiss Laundry

Swiss Laundry is the largest independent dry cleaner in Cambridge. Swiss Laundry, have over 100 years of knowledge and experience in quality dry cleaning and laundry industry.

As we all know, warm air rises. What many of us might not know is that when warm air rises and has nowhere to go, it will slowly build up with warm air which will eventually sink back to ground level. This sinking warm air can cause overheating issues for both personnel and equipment as seen in our recent project at Swiss Laundry. Tupello Property Services were asked to increase ventilation within the main laundry room (which could quite quickly heat up to boiling point) and bring down the temperature to a more comfortable level. We installed a number of extractor fans to blow out the unneeded warm air and create the desired result.

Siemens – Lincoln

Siemens was established in the United Kingdom 167 years ago and now employs 16,915 people in the UK. As a leading global engineering and technology services company, Siemens provides innovative solutions to help tackle the worldís major challenges, across the key sectors of energy, industry and healthcare.

Tupello Property Services were asked to help reduce heat levels at Siemens where product testing would take place. The products involved were huge turbines that generated an extreme amount of heat, all of which had to be extracted from the premises. We installed a number of roof extraction units to tackle this problem and remove the hot air. We also installed all the electrical control for each unit which operates on a purely manual basis.



Portsmouth College

Portsmouth College offer further education covering a range of courses from A levels to NVQs.

Tupello Property Services were asked to lower the temperature in one of the workshops in the college. The carpenters/wood working workshop would often suffer from overheating due to the tools used and cause issues with the student working environment. We installed curtain wall louvers, featuring motorised dampers to tackle the problem. As part of the wall vent installation, we also installed the electrical control unit.