Brook Welding – Birmingham

Brook Welding are a quality fabrications and machining company with over 50 years expertise in the business. Tupello Property Services were required to install radiant heating on the shop floor to heat work stations around the inside edge of the building.

Installing radiant heating in the Brook Welding facility proved a challenge, however we worked around all obstacles to get the job done. Normally we would hang radiant heating from the roof structure, however as the warehouse roof was so high and didn’t provide enough support this was not an option. In terms of fuel, the facility only had an electricity supply, so installing gas fuelled radiant heaters was not a possibility. Another challenge faced was installing the heaters in the live warehouse environment while production was still taking place.

Rather than installing the heaters overhead, we wall mounted the heater units at an angle to maximise heat dispersion. This project comprised of the full radiant heating package, installing the heating units as well as the electrical control system.