Ambirad Radiant Heaters


Ambirad are market leaders in the manufacture of heating systems. At Tupello we can supply Ambirad systems, both radiant tube and warm air space heaters, for your company premises, with all the connections and fittings put in place to get the system up and running.

We’ll carry out a first site check and assessment for free and if you’re interested in an Ambirad heater to replace your existing system we’ll remove the old installation and link the new up with the pipework and your electrical supply.

Using Ambirad systems gives you significant financial benefits. They are some of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient heaters available. They can be programmed and controlled using Smartcom Control Units and Black Bulb Sensors so they respond to changes in the room temperature or will kick into operation at certain points during the day when you need extra warmth.

And when used alongside air doors and curtains you won’t lose any of the heat emitted through cracks and openings. The air curtain operates as a barrier against warm air exiting. That way you know that the heat that you pay for isn’t being wasted.

With the addition of destratification fans when using Ambirad warm air space heaters, the heat that rises from the heater is sent back down to floor level. It gets recycled, in effect, saving you money on the amount of energy you use.

Ambirad heating systems are ideal for any kind of commercial or industrial premises. Within factories and manufacturing sites we can provide you with radiant tube heaters that keep your employees warm when they are at their workstation. They don’t heat the entire factory, just the areas you need to be kept warm.

If you’re looking to control and regulate temperatures and conditions within warehousing, Ambirad warm air space heating carries this function. Any stock or packaged goods in storage are kept free from moisture, humidity and excessive heat and cold that could cause damage or wear amongst them.

Once everything is in place we will keep your Ambirad heating systems serviced and working well. This will make sure any faults are picked up early and wearing components are repaired before they become a major problem further down the line.

Any breakdowns that could put your heating out of action and create disruption and downtime is prevented – and you wouldn’t end up having to pay extra for replacement parts.