Warehouse Heating Solutions

Our warehouse heating systems give you temperature controlled, energy efficient, and evenly distributed heat. They are specifically engineered to enable you to monitor the temperature and humidity within your warehouse. And that means you can ensure the stock or produce being stored remains in excellent condition ready for distribution to the point-of-sale.

A radiant tube system or warm air space heating works well in warehouses, whether you need concentrated heat on certain stored goods or heat across the entire warehouse. We can combine the heat system with black bulb sensors and control units that allow you to monitor and regulate conditions to your individual needs.

We can carry out a free initial survey of your site. Our heating engineers will do an assessment of your warehouse, the exits and items being stored. Then we’ll talk you through most effective methods on keeping things heated, along with a quote on what we think needs improving.

We’ll make sure the most efficient heating system is put in place for the items that you’re storing. That way you don’t end up paying extra for fuel to heat parts of the warehouse where you aren’t storing stock. And using bits and pieces like air doors, air curtains and ventilation we can prevent heat loss and the build-up of humidity – so temperature and conditions in the warehouse don’t change.

That means excess cold or heat, or moisture and mould don’t build up within shelving and amongst your stored goods. So you won’t find any damage to packaging or items. And the risk of goods being delivered and then having to be returned to you is removed. Any annoying costs for returns are avoided. The goods stay in pristine condition every time.

That’s what we can do for you using Smartcom Control Units and with a bit of planning on which heaters would suit your warehouse. The Control Units we install are simple to operate and give you the chance to set times of the day at which you require extra heat – the evening, say, when the outside temperature drops – and will monitor the internal temperature using advanced warm air sensors.

Once programmed, the sensor will monitor and adjust conditions whenever required, leaving you free to get on with your business without having to worry about