Warm air heating is possibly the most common type of factory heating in this country provided by either floor standing cabinet or suspended unit heaters.

Warm Air heating Systems are an ideal form of heating for open areas where constant temperature is required, and in many cases the most efficient and cost effective way of heating areas such as :

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centres
  • Indoor Play Areas
  • Packing Areas
  • Retail Units
  • Showrooms & Display Areas

The warm Air Space Heating System can be in the form of Suspended Heater units or Floor Standing Cabinet Heater Units dependent on the building size and the use of floor space.

De-stratification fans can be included in the heating system to move warm air
from high level to low level resulting in energy cost savings of
Approximately 15% – 25%.

Air Distribution –Warm Air Space heating systems can be used during summer months to distribute air, making a pleasant working temperature

Suspended Heater Units

Suspended from the factory roof or positioned on an internal flat roof maximising the available floor space for production.

  • Suspended for maximum floor space
  • Horizontal flue eliminating roof penetration
  • Ducted combustion air
  • Centrifugal fan for ducted applications
  • Individual controls
  • Summer ventilation facility

Floor Standing Cabinet Heaters

Positioned on the floor with larger outputs than their suspended unit heaters, these area quick and effective way of heating a factory

  • Indirect gas or oil fired
  • Horizontal stainless flues on new models
  • Stainless steel or mild steel heat exchangers
  • ECA qualifying controls
  • Free blowing or ducted applications
  • Summer ventilation facility
  • Weatherproof versions available

Floor Standing Cabinet Heaters can also be fitted with Nozzles to direct warm air or they can be connected via a ductwork system to take the warm air to the area where it’s required.

Features & Benefits of Warm Air Space Heating

  • Energy efficient with low running costs
  • Comfortable even heat distribution
  • Year Round Usage for Air Movement & Cooling
  • Suspended Units create Floor Space
  • Programmable
  • Multi area heating via Ductwork

Care & Maintenance

It is essential that the warm air heating units are serviced annually.

Within a warm air heating system, air is moved around the unit by a large fan, which means that there is a tendency to see a build-up of dust and debris.

Keeping the unit clean and optimizing the pressures ensures that the unit runs smoothly and produces the optimum output.

Our Heating experts can give you expert advice on the best ways to keep your warm air heating system looking and performing its best, and are always on hand to answer any queries you may have.