Accessories will either be an integral part of your Radiant Heating or Warm air space heating Installation or they can be an addition to your heating system to improve the efficiency of the system and to help reduce energy cost.
The common accessories for heating systems are:Destratification Fan unit

  • Smartcom Control units
  • Black Bulb Sensors
  • Destratification Fan Units
  • Destratification 3 blade Sweep Fans

Smartcom Control units

The Smartcom provides a cost effective energy
Management system which can be used on a single
Heater installation through to a large Multizone
Heating system.

The Smartcom is suitable for use with Radiant tube
Heating, warm Air Space heating and ducted installations.

Features & Benefits of Control Units

  • Easy to program
  • control heating & cooling
  • Integral warm air temperature sensor
  • Optional remote black bulb sensor
  • Easyset overtime & holiday periods
  • Passcode security to prevent unauthorised access to unit
  • Integral night set-back

Black Bulb Sensors

The Black Bulb Sensor Identifies Radiant Heat surface temperatures and relays a low voltage signal back to the Smartcom Control Unit and regulates the temperature set within the working area.
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Destratification Fans

Dependent on the heating system, the building size and usage either a Destratification unit or a 3 blade sweep fan would be used to push the hot air generated by appliances in the building ( i.e. Machinery, Lighting as well as the heaters) back down to working heights to maximise the efficiency of the heating system.

Features & Benefits of Destratification Fans

  • Heat recovery by recirculation of high level hot air back to occupancy level
  • Reduces fuel bills by eliminating excess heat loss through the roof