Why air conditioning is a necessity

Air conditioning in its most classic definition is termed as a device that aims to maintain suitable humidity in all parts of a building and free the air of excessive humidity during certain conditions. In summer air conditioning will cool a building, whilst in winter air conditioning will help to heat up a building. Furthermore throughout the whole year air conditioning supplied constant and adequate ventilation, whilst also removing microorganisms, dust, soot and other foreign bodies from the air. Finally air condition offers all the previously mentioned services in an apparatus that in not cost-prohibited in purchase of maintenance. This is the definition that the ‘father of air conditioning’ Willis Carrier adhered to. Although much still stands the same I now look to propose additional reasons why you need air conditioning.

Controllable comfort

Modern air conditioners enable you to keep your home at the temperature you feel comfortable with throughout the year; whether it is a sweaty summers night or a shivering winter evening, air conditioning means you do not have to endure the discomfort of the fluctuating climate.

Evidence has been found to suggest that comfortable temperatures lead to increased productivity and decreased incidents of conflict.

Silent Operation

Air conditioning is much more quiet compared to tabletop and pedestal fans offering you peace and quiet to continue with your day-to-day living.

Improved Home Security

The ability to keep windows shut during the hot summer months improves the security at home; especially during the night when you are not conscious yet demand a comfortable temperature. Air conditioning insures a safe, secure and comfortable nights sleep.

Reduction of energy bills

The heating capabilities of the modern air-conditioning systems are achieved by the use of high-energy efficient heat pump technology. These systems, compared to alternate electric heating systems, use 80% less energy.

Convenient heat just when you need it

Air conditioning systems are able to offer immediate heat, a luxury not offered by conventional heating systems. This factor is a desirable quality in the British climate, which is renowned for being unpredictable, meaning that energy efficient heat is needed at the touch of the button.

Allergy control

As the air in the room is re-circulated through filters, trapping dust and pollen, the potential for an allergic reaction is removed.