Embossed Poly, Halesowen

Reason for Installation: Heater in Embossing area needed to be replaced.

Solution: Existing Heater units replaced with Ambi rad VS20 Radiant tube heater, controlled by a black bulb sensor and programmable smartcom Unit.

CNC, Birmingham

Reason for Installation: New Heating required in Machine Shop.

Solution: Installed a VS25DL radiant tube heater with Smartcom control unit and black bulb Sensor, with flue extraction sealed on roof. A New Gas Distribution Pipework leg was suspended from building steel structure off of existing Gas pipe.

Hartshorne, Shrewsbury

Reason for Installation: Oil Fired Heater Unit in workshop was condemned and needed replacing. Quotes had been receive that the client was not happy with.

Solution: Supplied & Fitted Ambi Rad 135 floor standing heater after removing old heater. Altered Existing pipework for connection to the new heater.

Trade Centre, Bristol

Reason for Installation: The trade centre needed the extension Heating and more space was needed in the existing shop and goods in area.

Solution: We supplied and fitted 3 suspended warm air units to replace the existing floor standing heaters in the main shop area, the extension was fitted with 3 warm air UDSA suspended heaters and the Goods in area had 1 x UDSA Warm Air heater unit . All heaters were operated via programmable Smartcom control units. All heaters were integrated into the existing Vicker system.

Elite Fitness, Redditch

Reason for Installtion: Unit was being converted into a gym, an existing Powermatic heater was in the building that needed Installation.

Solution: Inspected the existing heater to ensure it was in good condition, Installed the heater and connected to existing Gas Pipework and new flue installed and connected to electrical control panel.