Hartshorne, Shrewsbury

Reason for Installation: Oil Fired Heater Unit in workshop was condemned and needed replacing. Quotes had been receive that the client was not happy with.

Solution: Supplied & Fitted Ambi Rad 135 floor standing heater after removing old heater. Altered Existing pipework for connection to the new heater.

Trade Centre, Bristol

Reason for Installation: The trade centre needed the extension Heating and more space was needed in the existing shop and goods in area.

Solution: We supplied and fitted 3 suspended warm air units to replace the existing floor standing heaters in the main shop area, the extension was fitted with 3 warm air UDSA suspended heaters and the Goods in area had 1 x UDSA Warm Air heater unit . All heaters were operated via programmable Smartcom control units. All heaters were integrated into the existing Vicker system.

Elite Fitness, Redditch

Reason for Installtion: Unit was being converted into a gym, an existing Powermatic heater was in the building that needed Installation.

Solution: Inspected the existing heater to ensure it was in good condition, Installed the heater and connected to existing Gas Pipework and new flue installed and connected to electrical control panel.

A.N Wallis, Nottingham

Reason for Installation: Heating needed for Foundry.

Solution: Supplied & Installed Ambi rad UDSA85 Warm Air Heater and flue. The Existing Gas Pipework was altered to fit the new Heater. Installed control wiring to the Smartcom control unit.

Retail Warehouse – Redditch

We installed a heater unit for our Client a couple of years ago at his retail outlet. The client decided to move premises and not wanting to leave his heater he gave us a call. We removed the Warm air Heater and disconnected all the services to the heater. The heater was transported to the new Retail Warehouse. Tupello Property services attended the new site and suspended the heater, reconnected the power and gas supply and ensured that the new warehouse unit was warm ready for the grand opening.